There is a cool new dental directory

I want to share with you a cool new dentist local directory I have found:

The best of this directory is that you can find the social networks of every dentist in your area, so you can see how active they are, their pictures and ask any info without needing to call them.

A few dental history

Diseases have afflicted humanity since its inception, especially the sharp and lancinating tooth pain produced by a deep caries or periapical abscess. Curative and rehabilitative techniques have been practiced by many doctors throughout history. The oldest record that exists about a primitive Egyptian practice of Dentistry dates from 5000 years ago (3000 years before our era). Hessie-Re is considered the first known dentist in history, an Egyptian inscription on wood shows him as chief doctor of the court. Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) discussed some aspects of dentistry, for example sterilization procedures using a hot wire to treat diseases of teeth and oral tissues, also spoke about tooth extraction and use of wires to stabilize jaw fractures and ligate lost teeth.

During the Middle Ages, the profession was taken over by the barbers who, in addition to other services, performed the bleeding and dental extractions of clients suffering from pain. The French doctor Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761) is considered the father of modern dentistry, for his novel contributions to this science, particularly for the professionalization of dental practice and the publication in 1728 of his work “Le chirugien dentiste; ou, trait√© des dents “(the dental surgeon, or treatise on the teeth) Pierre Fauchard was Louis XIV’s personal dentist, his museum is located in Paris In December 1844, Horance Wells, dentist from Hartford, Connecticut, used for the first time Nitrous oxide, as an anesthetic for tooth extraction At the beginning of the 20th century, the Valencian doctor Bernardino Landete Arag√≥ was a pioneer of Spanish stomatology and the creator of oral or maxillofacial surgery in that country.

And the dental future

Dentists are in the social networks but they are also more connected everyday, like many other professionals. We are about visiting the doctor using our phone or tablet, so being connected is a must for any professional that wants a long term business.

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