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We will share in this post some useful resources that can help you in building a completely new theme that you will be able to use in any of your WordPress sites.

You do not need any code knowledge to use this drag & drop WP themes generator, it is very easy to use! It also comes with free Youtube WordPress courses that will help you on building any kind of site: online shop, booking calendar, events, blog, standard site… you can build anything!

The best part are the default themes and blocks: you can start your designs from this default templates and create a completely new site with your own pictures, logo and text in a few minutes. You can also drop pre-designed blocks in your canvas to create completely new sections like pricing tables, staff section, grid blocks. It also comes with some sample headers, hero images and footers that will make your life easier.

Why WordPress?

If you are ex-user from Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, Webflow or any other online site builder, you will love WordPress. That website designers were so limited and some easy tasks that WordPress allows you to do easily, like a blog, could be a pain to setup in other platforms.

WordPress is a huge community and you will find widgets and plugins that can do everything. This will not only help you on building the best sites, it will also improve your online marketing, SEO, traffic…

We can say that WordPress is a professional solution while others are not.

Free WordPress Courses

We recommend you this WordPress courses, tutorials and videos, they are great!

Build your own WordPress theme

You can also find good Themes Generator tutorials in Youtube to start usingĀ this great WordPress Themes creator.

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