Applications that stop being interested in Windows

Little by little, the drip of applications that leave the Windows ship on the mobile platform continues. Bad news that only ratify the future black that approaches the platform. And we do not say it, it’s something they no longer hide from the company itself.

In this sense we have seen how applications such as Runtastic, WeChat, Barclays have already been downloaded from the ship … a list that now adds Formula 1, the Windows application that allows us to be aware of everything that happens in the circus of Formula 1. And is that users complain that on the one hand can no longer be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and that on the other hand some of its functions are not operational.

Another application that leaves the ship

And although the developers announced that they would continue to provide support for their application, it seems that in 2018 they have decided to end their relationship with the Windows platform. Formula 1 had an application for Windows and Windows 10 UWP.

The seriousness of the situation is that according to some users and how they count in MSPU, some functions can not be used. And it is something worth noting because it is an application in which you pay by subscription to access some improvements, such as the interactive 3D map or the Live Timings feature.

In fact in the link that appears final, we see it in the Microsoft Store, although it can not be downloaded. Something that is even more striking when we see that by going to the official website of the application only figure how available for iOS and Android, without any trace of the Windows ecosystem.

Bad news therefore for the users of the operating system of Redmond, because it shows the poor health of the store in general (far from the quality and variety of the App Store and Google Play Store), with an arrangement that would also give a lot to talk about. A bad situation that is further aggravated by how it goes.

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